As a standup comic, master storyteller, TEDx speaker, and semi-finalist for World Champion of Public Speaking in the Toastmasters International Speech Contest, Stacy has spent (and continues to spend) thousands of hours entertaining and enlightening audiences. Add to that her experience as a screenwriter and story editor in Hollywood, as well as being a respected author, and you get

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It's your story. Find it. Write it. Share it.

Stacy speaks professionally on the power of story, story structure, and finding your story's message. The author of the popular book, The Memoir Midwife: Nine Steps to Self Publishing Your Book, Stacy is a professional screenwriter, story editor, film director, and writing coach, and has helped hundreds of people give birth to their stories in the form of books and screenplays. She is a member of the WGA-west (and within that, the Committee of Women Writers), Alliance of Women Directors, and Toastmasters.

As a host, facilitator, keynote speaker, or panelist, Stacy will take your event to the next level with her
experience, insights, wit, and humor. 

Stacy tailors her keynote to every audience, but here's the gist:


Now more than ever, the world is ready to listen to women. Given this opportunity to be heard, what do you want to say? What stories do we want to tell? In this inspiring and informational keynote for female content-creators (or simply anyone who wants to tell her story), Stacy illustrates the importance of personal experiences and vulnerability, whether your story is narrative or non-fiction. Traditionally women and men have been taught to shy away from sharing emotional experiences and "toughen up" when the chips are down. But here's the big flaw in that logic: It's that very vulnerability that we suppress that makes a story relatable. And if a story is relatable, it engages. And when you engage, people LISTEN. Embrace your vulnerability and emotions, especially when you create, and then use them to educate and enlighten, whether it be in entertainment or business. 

Every woman is encrypted with the DNA of the women that have come before her. Our stories are
generationally cumulative, which means every woman has a story to tell.

And every story has a message.

Whether you’re writing a book, screenplay, podcast, or play, Stacy explains in her keynote how to focus not only on story structure and character, but more importantly your story’s personal message--how to find it, how it relates to you, and what it is that you ultimately want to say. That's when your voice finally lets itself be heard. It's only then that your story will truly engage, touch hearts, and make a difference.

Who's Stacy's Audience?

Events that include these topics benefit most from Stacy's speaking:

  • Storytelling and writing
  • Women creatives
  • Women in film
  • Women in publishing
  • Women in leadership
  • Creativity in business
  • Corp human resources
  • Breakout sessions for women
  • Everyday people who want to find, write and share their stories

The audience take-away?


What's Stacy's Message?

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Who Hires Stacy?

Some of Stacy's previous speaking clients include: 

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Everyday Mindfulness Wellness Center
  • The Art Institute of Salt Lake
  • Life Dream Coach
  • Hill Air Force Base
  • Idaho Writers Guild
  • Biz Divas
  • WIN (Women in Networking)-Burbank
  • University of Utah
  • And many more!


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