Every professional speaker has those few gigs that they can’t believe they actually booked. It’s one thing to speak at a convention because you’re paid to be there, but it’s entirely another thing to be paid to speak AND win accolades. Here are a few speaking highlights from my career of which I am immensely proud.

My TED Talk

TEDx WestminsterSLC, April 16, 2016, Westminster College, Salt Lake City

Stacy’s TED talk reveals the story of a Federal prisoner’s quest to be heard. Over the course of two years, the stories trapped behind bars begin to piece together as Stacy works with inmate David Charlton Taylor to edit and bring to life his autobiographical novel JACUMBA CONNECTION. Her story offers an insider’s look at illegal immigration, as well as behind the scenes interaction with the U.S. penitentiary system. (NOTE: This is a 16-minute version of Stacy’s 45-minute keynote speech.)

For more introspection on life as a Federal prisoner, please visit David C. Taylor’s blog Postcards From Prison.

Semi-finalist for World Champion of Public Speaking

Toastmasters International Speech Contest (International level) semi-finalist, Aug 16, 2012, Orlando, FL

When Stacy’s 10th grade son decides to give up his AP classes to focus on his music and saxophone practicing, she finds an unexpected ally in jazz great, Wynton Marsalis. A poignant story about how putting your faith in others is sometimes the shortest path to success.

Finalist in Toastmasters International Speech Contest "MAKING CHANGE"

Toastmasters International Speech Contest (District level) finalist, May 16, 2015, Boise, ID

Stacy’s award-winning speech, “Making Change” tells the humorous story of when she was short-changed by a cashier at a coffee shop in the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport. What happened after that was unexpected and life-changing.