Do you have a story to tell?
But you don’t know how to write it?

My online course


Is the fastest way for you to write your book!

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  • Do people tell you that you should write a book?

  • Have you tried writing, but you can’t make headway?

  • Do you have trouble even knowing where to start?

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The problem is you don’t have clarity.
You can see your story in your mind’s eye,
but you don’t know how to bring it out.


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My name is Stacy Dymalski, and I'm branded as The Memoir Midwife. As a story editor, author, publishing consultant, and film producer, I've helped hundreds of authors and filmmakers find, write, and share their stories.

Recently I've taken my story development process that I use with my private clients and created an affordable online course that teaches you how to write your story from beginning to end.
7 STEPS TO TURN YOUR STORY INTO A BOOK provides the clarity you need by stepping you you through the same story development process used by authors, screenwriters, and filmmakers.

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Get the structure you need to get your book written!

You'll be well on your way to writing your book in just seven weeks, even if you're not a writer. These are the seven weekly lessons I cover in my course, each ending in a hands-on exercise that brings you one step closer to getting your book written.

STEP 1: Find Your Message
Pinpoint the wisdom you want to share by being able to encapsulate your message in one to three sentences.

STEP 3: Summarize Your Story
Learn how to professionally summarize your story, because if you can't tell it in 750 words, you can't do it in 200 pages.

STEP 5: Write Your Introduction
Learn how write your backstory so you know exactly where to start your story in your book.

STEP 7: Write Your Book Manuscript
Learn how to plan your writing schedule into your busy life (just like you would an exercise program) so you find time to write.

STEP 2: Build Your Story's Structure
Structure your story with a beginning, middle, and end that makes sense, flows, and supports your message

STEP 4: Create a Story Outline
Learn how to create a professional story outline that you can actually use to keep you on track while you write.

STEP 6: Prepare to Write
Learn how to set up a professional, dedicated writing space and rituals that actually encourage you to write.

Read Stacy’s Mission Statement and Manifesto

Read Stacy’s Mission Statement and Manifesto


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