Souvenirs of Misfortune

It's finally happened. After years of talking about it, both onstage and off, I (Stacy) finally have my one-woman show written, rehearsed, and produced. It's called Souvenirs of Misfortune and it's scheduled to premiere in the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June 2018. For those of you who don't know what the Hollywood Fringe is, think of as a performance art free-for-all, not unlike the Sundance Film Festival, but with live performances of all kinds--plays, solo shows, musicals, experimental theatre--instead of films. Oh, there's no snow. For me, that's a huge plus. 

Fringe festivals exist all over the world, the most famous being the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland. The Hollywood Fringe is a pretty big deal, too, and happens annually in June. This year the dates are June 7 to June 24. In that period I will perform my show six times. For more information about the Hollywood Fringe check out the Hollywood Fringe website

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What, When, Where, How (much) and Who?

WHAT: Souvenirs of Misfortune is about a broke, down-on-her luck writer (that would be me) who reluctantly mentors a federal prisoner to help him write his story, which then goes on to become a best-selling novel and movie. Did you see my TED Talk? It's an expansion of that, but way funnier and with more stories about how not

WHEN: My six Hollywood Fringe shows are June 2, 10, 13, 16 21, 23. Times vary depending on the date. You can see all details for all dates and buy tickets (as of May 1) by clicking HERE.

WHERE: I will perform all six of my shows on Theatre Row in Hollywood at the Studio C Theatre, 6448 Santa Monica Blvd. 

HOW MUCH: Ticket prices are $12 each.

WHO: It's me performing the whole darn thing, all by myself. Okay, not really. Yes, it's a solo show and I'm the one onstage yakking for an hour, but I had a whole team of people behind me to get it off the ground. Who are these people? I'm glad you asked. Read on...

Deborah Lemen - director

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Michael Blaha - producer

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